by Mongolian Film Institute


Golden Ger International Film Festival (GGIFF) is Mongolia's most prestigious film festival which has a short film competition section. It provides a platform for aspiring young filmmakers to challenge themselves and showcase their burgeoning talents to a growing audience of movie-lovers. Ultimately, the film festival aims to establish a creative filmmaking scene in Mongolia. 

In 2013, festival director Ikhbayar Urchuud launched the first Underground Film Competition in Mongolia, with the goal of fostering local interest in experimental films and encouraging young artists from ages 18 to 30 to challenge conventional methods of filmmaking. Over the next few years, the competition evolved into Golden Ger International Film Festival.  

The main part of this film festival is the competition section for short films made by Mongolians and international filmmakers. Golden Ger International Film Festival is the only film festival to host a competition for short films in this scope in Mongolia. We also screen feature films by invitation, hold master classes, host discussions and organize networking events during the film festival. 
The previous honorary guests and jury members were celebrated filmmakers such as Golden Bear and Golden Globe winner Fatih Akin, Golden Bear winner Wang Quan'an, Peter Tscherkassky, Eve Heller, Boo Jungfeng, Artur ┼╗urawski, Ella Manzheeva, Julian Radlmaier and industry professionals such as Kim Young-woo, Maxine Williamson and Bernadette Schramm.


Since 2013, we received 1622 Mongolian and international short film submissions and of those submissions, 184 went onto selected in the competition section of our film festival. For the last 6 editions of our film festival, we gave monetary prizes to 37 young filmmakers. 

Contributors for the organization of previous editions of Golden Ger International Film Festival 


Mongolian Film Institute is grateful for the work and passion shown by these people in the previous editions of GGIFF.


Amar Batsaikhan

Amarmend Amarsanaa

Ankhzaya Oyunsukh

Batzorig Sukhbat

Bat-Enkh Batsukh

Bilguun Bayarmagnai

Dorjpalam Bat-Orshikh

Dulguun Battulga

Enkhbat Natsagdorj

Erkhembayar Baasanbazar

Khaliunaa Bayar

Munkh-Och B

Munkhnaran Bayarlkhagva

Munkhkhishig Dashtseren

Nominbileg Purevdorj

Saran Amartuvshin

Saruulzaya Ochirpurev

Setsen Altan-Ochir

Tegshjargal Jamiyan-Ochir

Tegshzaya Jalan-Aajav

Tsendbayar Ganbold

Tsenguun Khashbaatar

Tsenguun Tumurkhuyag

Tuguldur Lkhagva

Tuguldur Munkh-Ochir

Yesunchuluu Khuderchuluu



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